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A lot of people recently have asked me about Janice Taylor. They want to know who she is and why she is becoming so well-known. Janice Taylor’s favorite saying is, how may I help you? Janice is a very versatile lady because she is a certified hypnotist, motivational speaker, life and wellness coach, weight loss expert, television and radio show guest, best-selling author, teacher, and artist.

Janice is becoming very well-known because she has helped literally thousands of people throughout the world. She helps them to be successful in their professional and personal lives. She also helps them to learn how to create a balanced lifestyle and discover their true self-worth. This makes her an amazing and caring individual which is not commonly found in the world today.

Janice is a creator of a couple of bestselling books on self-help. She also was the originator of the famous “Kick in the Tush Club”. This club has over 18,000 dedicated members. She has established herself as North America’s leading expert and coach in weight loss and life and wellness courses.

During the past decade Janice, by means of her books, facebook page, workshops, private coaching services, and e-courses, has had the privilege of working with many special people. She has helped these people to empower and energize themselves so that they can establish a better and more meaningful life.

Janice is an excellent artist and she loves to draw and paint about vegetables. If you go online to her website you will see some of the beautiful paintings that she has done. Years ago she lost more than 50 pounds like the people at weight loss birmingham al when she decided to focus in on the art of food rather than consuming it. She created “Weight Loss Art” which helps people through sites like It is a new genre of art and food. She is an extremely interesting lady and you need to check her out at her innovative and informative website.

5 Top Tips A Traveling Photographer Must Know

If you are an artist and especially if you are a photographer, you will have to travel a lot and wide. There are a few things you will have to know for you to maximize your travel. Here are some of the best tips and tricks when you travel: travel how to's for artists


Do not take chances with the places you want to visit. It is your responsibility to learn as much as possible about the place you want to visit. Photography experts claim that, the more you know about that place, the more intelligent your shots will be. Compare which hotels that are good to stay in the area you’re going so you’ll have a smoother journey.

The best time to capture any image, subject or structure is during the golden hours – this is the time just before sunrise or sunset. You should also note that it depends greatly on where you come from. You should make sure that you get early enough to get the best shots.


You should watch photography portfolios of other photographers. This can give you new ideas and in the process you get inspired. There is a saying that if you want to be a successful artist, you have to acknowledge the works of the artists. You should not underestimate the power of inspiration.

Photography goes beyond just the visual part of it. Have fun with the local food and make sure you visit their markets. Involve yourself with their cultural activities and also listen to their music too. Know more about your destination with sites like is a good start.


You should not travel with your entire house or with all your equipment. You should select exactly the equipment and lenses that you will need. You can just carry two lenses – a prime and a zoom lens. This tip is for those photographers who are planning to go trekking or hiking.

If you are not in a hurry to reach where you are going, take a bus or train over flying. These two options will ensure that you have enough local interactions with the people and also you may get some shots that you have missed if you took a flight.


Most nature photographers do not use flash – they will call that being impolite. It is your responsibility to learn the benefit of natural lighting before you even think of buying those expensive reflectors and flash.

Get a bit higher and get a bird’s eye view of the place you are covering with an established shot. Experts recommend that you find a vantage point and capture the entire town or city.


Most photographers have a lot of excuse of why they are not delivering quality work. There are those who will claim if they had better cameras or lenses they would have delivered better. There are those who say if they had someone paying them to travel maybe they could be at a better place.

Those are the main excuses that photographers give. These are excuses to why a photographer can’t get a better image. What they do not know is that some of the best shots were simply taken with a pocket camera.

Instruments are very important in the art of photography, but you should also remember that a camera is simply an equipment too. It is a gadget that simply captures your own thinking and vision. Instead of crying over equipment you do not have, spend time learning more and more about photography.

You should also not expect to be paid by anyone. You should learn to motivate yourself and your main goal should be to learn and not to earn. You need to remain very committed to the camera so that it will become very easy when you get to a point that you are paid to travel or shoot.

Dan Bannino’s Classic Still Life Paintings of Celebrity Fad Diets

Dan Bannino Art

Photo From Dan Bannino

In modern times, society is obsessed with high profile celebrity diet culture. Due to this, most photographic documentation deals with a person’s before and after images and tips untuk kuruskan badan. However, it never focuses on the process leading to the change. In fact, it’s also less common to examine the actual ingredients of various celebrity fad diets.

Renowned Italian photographer Dan Bannino has captured photographic renderings of some popular celebrity described diets in the photo series called Still Diet. According to Dan Bannino’s official website, he wanted to emulate a 15th century masterpiece focusing on still life. He wanted to depict that the celebrity obsession with food and pengambilan garcinia cambogia is not a new phenomenon.

Some of the most popular celebrity diets featured in his piece include Gwyneth Paltrow’s Strict Detox Diet, Beyonce’s Master Cleanse Diet and more. It’s worth mentioning that modern-day celebrities aren’t the only strict dieters who received this royal treatment.

The photographer also imagined Lord Byron’s Romantic Poet’s Diet and Henry VIII’s Banquet Diet. He tried to mock them up for his project. However, the clear winner for debauchery is Kate Moss’ Hollywood Diet with crumpled cigarette butts, clear liquor and Coke. She completely outweighed her competition with lack of nutritional value.

Artists Captures Real Life Efforts

It is important to understand that public figures and celebrities subscribe to a wide range of obscure eating habits. Such attitude allows them to obtain a unique appearance. In fact, many method actors starve themselves just like supermodels. It’s worth mentioning that the idea dates back generations.

However, it is been in modern times that people have started to discover the extent of the eating habits. Recently, Christian Bale lost more than 60 pounds for his role in the Machinist as Trevor Reznik. He lived for months on a diet containing just coffee and apples. On the other hand, Henry VIII’s diet consisted of grand banquets. While some subscribe to more recent diets like the one here

In order to emphasize on various aspects of the diets, Bannino used low lighting. He also used a unique composition to grant various images the significance of an old masterpiece. The conscious decision taken by the artist aims to highlight the awkwardness surrounding the constriction of deprivation and diets.

Bannino also tries to capture how the trends have changed since the 15th century. With an appropriate blend of whimsy, his photo series provides you with an engaging display of various modern eating habits compared to their earlier counterparts. Still Diets is considered by experts to be his most creative piece till date.