An Interesting Lady


A lot of people recently have asked me about Janice Taylor. They want to know who she is and why she is becoming so well-known. Janice Taylor’s favorite saying is, how may I help you? Janice is a very versatile lady because she is a certified hypnotist, motivational speaker, life and wellness coach, weight loss expert, television and radio show guest, best-selling author, teacher, and artist.

Janice is becoming very well-known because she has helped literally thousands of people throughout the world. She helps them to be successful in their professional and personal lives. She also helps them to learn how to create a balanced lifestyle and discover their true self-worth. This makes her an amazing and caring individual which is not commonly found in the world today.

Janice is a creator of a couple of bestselling books on self-help. She also was the originator of the famous “Kick in the Tush Club”. This club has over 18,000 dedicated members. She has established herself as North America’s leading expert and coach in weight loss and life and wellness courses.

During the past decade Janice, by means of her books, facebook page, workshops, private coaching services, and e-courses, has had the privilege of working with many special people. She has helped these people to empower and energize themselves so that they can establish a better and more meaningful life.

Janice is an excellent artist and she loves to draw and paint about vegetables. If you go online to her website you will see some of the beautiful paintings that she has done. Years ago she lost more than 50 pounds like the people at weight loss birmingham al when she decided to focus in on the art of food rather than consuming it. She created “Weight Loss Art” which helps people through sites like It is a new genre of art and food. She is an extremely interesting lady and you need to check her out at her innovative and informative website.