Dan Bannino’s Classic Still Life Paintings of Celebrity Fad Diets

Dan Bannino Art

Photo From Dan Bannino

In modern times, society is obsessed with high profile celebrity diet culture. Due to this, most photographic documentation deals with a person’s before and after images and tips untuk kuruskan badan. However, it never focuses on the process leading to the change. In fact, it’s also less common to examine the actual ingredients of various celebrity fad diets.

Renowned Italian photographer Dan Bannino has captured photographic renderings of some popular celebrity described diets in the photo series called Still Diet. According to Dan Bannino’s official website, he wanted to emulate a 15th century masterpiece focusing on still life. He wanted to depict that the celebrity obsession with food and pengambilan garcinia cambogia is not a new phenomenon.

Some of the most popular celebrity diets featured in his piece include Gwyneth Paltrow’s Strict Detox Diet, Beyonce’s Master Cleanse Diet and more. It’s worth mentioning that modern-day celebrities aren’t the only strict dieters who received this royal treatment.

The photographer also imagined Lord Byron’s Romantic Poet’s Diet and Henry VIII’s Banquet Diet. He tried to mock them up for his project. However, the clear winner for debauchery is Kate Moss’ Hollywood Diet with crumpled cigarette butts, clear liquor and Coke. She completely outweighed her competition with lack of nutritional value.

Artists Captures Real Life Efforts

It is important to understand that public figures and celebrities subscribe to a wide range of obscure eating habits. Such attitude allows them to obtain a unique appearance. In fact, many method actors starve themselves just like supermodels. It’s worth mentioning that the idea dates back generations.

However, it is been in modern times that people have started to discover the extent of the eating habits. Recently, Christian Bale lost more than 60 pounds for his role in the Machinist as Trevor Reznik. He lived for months on a diet containing just coffee and apples. On the other hand, Henry VIII’s diet consisted of grand banquets. While some subscribe to more recent diets like the one here http://kuruscepat.site/raspberry-ketone/

In order to emphasize on various aspects of the diets, Bannino used low lighting. He also used a unique composition to grant various images the significance of an old masterpiece. The conscious decision taken by the artist aims to highlight the awkwardness surrounding the constriction of deprivation and diets.

Bannino also tries to capture how the trends have changed since the 15th century. With an appropriate blend of whimsy, his photo series provides you with an engaging display of various modern eating habits compared to their earlier counterparts. Still Diets is considered by experts to be his most creative piece till date.


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