Ken Wise

\"Wildlife Art carved in beautiful, local hardwoods along with spoons, bowls and functional art.\" Phone 207-319-8221 Web Site kenwisewoodcarver.com Email kenwisewoodcarver@gmail.com Mere Point, Brunswick Maine \"I carve Wildlife Art from local trees, depicting birds and animals from the North Woods and Coast of Maine, using the wood grain, colors, and textures to bring the pieces to life\"

Bruce Goodwin

Bruce Goodwin / BGoodWorks 48 Oliver Street Bath, ME 04530 bgoodwin@gwi.net 207-443-3072 http://bgoodworks.blogspot.com http://mainebeachbag.blogspot.com I love to vanish into vivid imagination. Designing & making stained glass windows in New Orleans in 1970s left me wanting. I began shaping driftwood and stone into sculptural assemblages. Transposing found objects became my art.

Wayne Robbins

Contact: Wayne Robbins Wayne Robbins Wood Carving - Wood - Visual Arts - Sculpture PHONE:207-443-2287 EMAIL:wrobbins@gwi.net WEB ADDRESS:www.waynerobbins.com Wayne Robbins has been sculpting sea creatures for more than 25 years. His personal knowledge of marine life allows him to gracefully and beautifully recreate whales and seals from around the world.