Jane Knox

Jane Knox, Brunswick, Maine 207-449-7481 I am captivated by the powerful forces of nature and all her elements so I try to capture the spirit therein. In many cases I catch my subject in 'negative (or empty) space' so that the exquisite beauty or form of the bird, flower, animal or water is accentuated.

Leon Vanella

Web: Blog: Facebook:!/pages/Leon-Vanella-Photography/136053602626 Pinterest: Phone: 207-380-5586 When I look through the camera, I see the world's intrigue and beauty and am compelled to capture it. This means drawing the viewer into the scene and inspiring some of the connection I felt. Photography was a natural merging of an artistic sense with an inclination toward logic and technology. Both my rational and intuitive sides get to participate. Combined with the physical engagement, photography becomes a meditative experience for me.

Ralph Hassenpflug

website: email: \"The emphasis of my work is of an existentialist nature. My images show visions of solitude and the longing for a place, a time, or a state of mind that we would like to go back to. Existentialist art is a mirror of the situation of the sensitive individual in an indifferent world. My images speak of the uniqueness and the isolation of the sentient human being as well as of his dreams and visions.\"

Howard Search Photography

Howard Search Email : Phone: (207) 725-0574, cell: (757) 288-0517 Website : Howard Search is a fine art, landscape, and documentary photographer. Working in digital and infrared, his photographs include landscapes, portraits, abstract and figure work.

Rob Smith

Rob Smith Fine Art Photography 284 Bethel Point Rd Harpswell, ME 04079 207-729-6138 My early memories are wading through streams looking for frogs and snakes and under rocks for crayfish or exploring pastures and flipping cow pies to see what wonders dwelled within. I’ve always been drawn to the open and wild places and still can spend hours in a tide pool. These influences sparked my interest in art.. .. Photography gave me the detail I wanted and digital photography has allowed the artistic control,,, the best of both worlds. Trying to capture a unique view of our world is difficult when virtually everyone has a camera. A pretty picture is common but photography as a work of Art is not.

Jane Page-Conway

Jane Page-Conway Fine Art Photography 13 Wildes Rd Bowdoinhan , Maine 04008 PHONE: 207-666-3631 PHONE 2: 207-798-1930 EMAIL: I am a photographer who paints over my photographs with encaustic wax. I handcolor my photographs with this pigmented wax. I also do commercial photgraphy for events and artist photography both 2-D & 3-D

Cory Gardiner

Cory Gardiner 315 Phipps Point Road, Woolwich, Maine 04579 Phone: 207-443-4300 Email: My photography principally reflects the wonderful natural world of New England – Connecticut, where we lived for many years, and coastal Maine, where we are privileged to live now. In my images, you will see the woods and the shore, the fields and flowers, boats and fog and rain and snow. My goal is to walk where there is no path, and to capture the fullness of what I have experienced. The only real way to summarize a journey is by looking backwards at the footsteps in the sand. May your footsteps lead to an interesting journey too.

Peter Robbins

Peter M.Robbins, scenic photography As a kid, I started with my grandfather\'s Kodak Brownie and a Polaroid bellows Land camera, I would explore the woods and fields near my home then wait over a week to get my prints back, now I rush home to download my pictures. Be it kayaking, geocaching, or just driving around the state I love, I have come across some amazing places. I am pleased to share them with you. I\'m constantly out taking more pictures so check back often

Debbie Casterlin

Debbie Casterlin 224 Casco Road Brunswick Maine 04011 (207)725-1028 I enjoy exploring the world with my camera and love to simply share with others exactly what I see through my camera lens. I encourage people to reperceive, see hidden beauty, and to notice what they may have overlooked. Therefore, I do not crop or manipulate my photographs.