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| July 16, 2012 | 0 Comments

Cash Mob Coming to Bath

It’s happening all across the country and it’s coming to Bath next week.


The idea is to descend upon a particular store on a given day and give it a cash boost. The selected store will have merchandise that appeals to men and women and there will be items that sell for $20 or less.


“Mobsters” are asked to spend a minimum of $20 in cash. No problem with spending more and most stores will accept checks and credit cards.





July 19 is the magic day in Bath. The time is 5:30 and the place to meet is under the clock on the corner of Front and Center Streets.

At that time the store will be identified and the fun begins. After mobbing the store, mobsters can socialize with friends at a nearby restaurant/bar to chill out. The place to gather will also be identified when the store is named.

So, put it on your calendars and join the “mob” on Thursday, July 19 at 5:30, corner of Front and Center (under the clock). It’s going to be a blast. Be there.


Help support the lucky store and mingle with your neighbors and friends!


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